Accounting / Book Keeping

However tedious and repetitive you consider accounting and book keeping to be, it still is very important work and - furthermore - it also changes continuously. Preparing the fiscally relevant data is just a by-product, if you compare the work with the implementation of short-term earnings statements and a financial evaluation for controlling purposes. The availability of different and diverse technical tools can help to automate routine procedures in turn allowing more time to concentrate on the analysis of the available data for supervision and controlling.

The scope and design of the interface dient/ tax consulting firm reflect the technical and human resources of the clients and their data volume. Thanks to DATEV software program our clients can choose any degree of service they want. From punching in the numbers and figures themselves and getting a thorough assessment of their data to a complete outsourcing of their accounting - DATEV offers tailor-made solutions. And we provide this service.

Our essential Services in accounting:

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